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Gunnstock Timber Frames

This project features our Western Larch 1btr surfaced timbers, from 3×8 to 10×16 26 feet long, built by Chris Gunn, and designed by Laura Viklund of Gunnstock Timber Frames.

Western Larch

(also know as Tamarack). 

AVAILABLE GRADES: Structural, 1btr Structural, C btr Clear, 2 btr Common, and Knotty Select.

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS: Timbers, Flooring, Boards and Paneling, and Siding.

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Gunnstock Timber Frames is a company dedicated to building quality structures across the country.  If a boat, plane, or truck can deliver to your building site, they can build your dream. For more information on Gunnstock Timber Frames, Click Here