Glue Lam Beams (Glulam Beams)

Glue lams (Glulams) are individual pieces of dimensional lumber bonded with adhesives to make the desired size beams. Engineered wood redefines the possibilities of wood Construction and also makes good use of our timber resources, eliminating waste.

  • Industrial
  • Architectural
  • Premium
  • Resawn
  • Surfaced

Available in FSC Certified beams.
AITC approved ANSI/AITC A 190.1 2007

Glulam Quality And Flexibility

Glulam Beams For Sale: Available in beams up to 100’ long x 53” deep and 14‐1/4 wide. Curves and custom sizes are not a problem. We can supply custom cambered beams to suit specific load bearing spans and offset the effects of deflection. All this can be supplied with short lead times of 2‐3 weeks.

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Glue Lam Beams FAQ:

Insights For Builders And Contractors


What are Glue Lam Beams?

  • Glue lam beams, or glulam, are engineered wood products made by bonding layers of wood laminations with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives.

What are the typical applications for glulam?

  • Glulam is used in residential and commercial construction, including exposed applications like vaulted ceilings and structural elements such as beams and headers.

What sizes are available for Glue Lam Beams?

  • Glulam is available in stock and custom sizes for both residential and commercial use. Reliance Specialty Building Products offers up to 100’ long x 53” deep and 14‐1/4 wide. Custom shapes and sizes can also be manufactured to meet specific project needs​.​​

Why choose glulam over solid wood beams?

  • Glulam offers superior strength and stiffness to solid wood, allowing for longer spans and more design flexibility. It also provides a natural wood appearance that is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound​.

How is glulam treated for durability?

  • Glulam beams can be preservative-treated for increased durability in outdoor or high-moisture environments. Depending on the beam size and treatment type​, special ordering may be required.

How does the strength of glue laminate beams compare to that of metal?

  • Glue Lam Beams have a high strength-to-weight ratio, often exceeding that of metal. This makes them an efficient choice for construction, providing significant structural support without the added weight of metal beams. This property allows for innovative design possibilities in various building projects.

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