11 June Timber Framers Guild - Building Excellence

Reliance Specialty Building Products is proud to be a member of the Timber Framers Guild (TFG), an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in timber framing. For builders and contractors, TFG offers invaluable resources and opportunities to enhance your skills and connect with industry professionals.

How the Timber Framers Guild Supports Your Craft

Timber Framer Guild LogoAbout the Timber Framers Guild

The Timber Framers Guild focuses on preserving the art of timber framing, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. TFG emphasizes quality construction, making it a key resource for builders who want to deepen their knowledge and skills.


Educational Opportunities

TFG provides numerous educational resources, including workshops and events that cater to various skill levels. The affiliated Heartwood School offers hands-on training, teaching traditional and contemporary techniques. These opportunities are crucial for professionals looking to stay current with industry trends.


Community Building Projects

TFG is committed to community-building projects, allowing members to collaborate on meaningful construction initiatives that benefit local communities. These projects provide practical experience and showcase the beauty of timber framing. Check out this video from one of those projects.


Timber Frame Engineering Council (TFEC)

The Timber Frame Engineering Council focuses on advancing timber frame engineering. It serves as a platform for research and development, addressing modern engineering challenges with traditional methods.


Why Join the Timber Framers Guild?

Membership in TFG offers many benefits, including networking with experts, accessing educational resources, and participating in community projects. Joining TFG enhances your professional development and elevates your reputation as a craftsman dedicated to excellence.



Joining the Timber Framers Guild is a commitment to advancing your skills and contributing to preserving timber framing traditions. Reliance Specialty Building Products invites builders and contractors to explore the benefits of TFG membership. Enhance your craft and connect with a community that values quality in timber framing. For more information, visit the Timber Framers Guild and become part of this esteemed organization. To learn how Reliance Specialty Building Products is involved in the Timber Framers Guild - contact us.